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 The 'CACFP System' can be deployed on LAN, WAN or VPN

The 'ASP' version can be deployed on secured web server and can be accessed by the user thru the internet with a browser from any location.

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CACFP Software

The CACFP Software is available for both Head Starts and Day Cares. The software system is designed for the food service management.

The system tracks Food Inventory, Food Purchases, Meal Counts, Daily Attendance. It helps you with Meal Planning and Preparation and ensures that your menus are USDA compliant.
An automated inventory system updates dynamically when food is purchased or is consumed - so you always know what is your current inventory level. When a purchase order is delivered, all you do is enter the purchase order # and click on 'Update Inventory' and the inventory is updated with all the items in the purchase order with the respective quantities. The inventory is similarly updated during meal consumption.

The CACFP guidelines for serving meals to the different age groups is built into the system and the system does the 'Kitchen Math'. The Meal Planning Module tells you the quantities you need to serve for any specified number of meal participants.

The 'Meal Count and the Daily Attendance' module works on the simple fact that it is easy to mark the children that were absent rather than marking the children that were present. The system maintains an inbuilt tally sheet on the number of free, reduced and fully paid meals served.

The entire system has been very carefully designed to provide you with features that you need the most. The time and the cost saving that can be obtained from such a system is phenomenal.














Inventory / Purchases Module
  • Food and Non-Food Item
  • Inventory Inventory for multiple locations from one system
  • Food and Non-Food item purchases
  • Dynamically Inventory updates on Meal Consumption and Food Purchases.
Meal Counts & Attendance Module
  • Mark Daily Meal Counts and Attendance
  • Internal tally sheet keeps a count on the number of free, reduced and fully paid meals served
  • Day Care Centers - Track Tier I and Tier II reimbursements
  • Summary meal count report
  • Attendance Report
  • Automated calculation of meal cost reimbursement amount
Meal Preparation & Planning Module
  • Food Buying guide / all groups
  • Menu Planning. Design your own food menus as per the USDA guidelines.
  • Built in CACFP guidelines monitor all meals.
  • Report on excess or shortfall to the guidelines.
  • Recipe computations.
  • Computation of ideal serving quantities
Report Compiler

A remarkable tool to compile the month end meal reports from different locations even if not connected on a network.

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