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Case Management

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Case Management

A fully web-based, comprehensive information system and management solution designed for use by Community Action Agencies and similar programs or organizations that are in business of helping people.

Fastrack a new tool for online application. Clients can now submit applications for assistance online from any smart device, from any location.

Portability The system is web-based and be may accessed from any web-enabled devices such as iPads, tablets, and PCs. Information is safely stored online in the cloud.

Client Tracking You are able to track clients, client services, enrollment, outcomes for current program year and previous program years beginning from the client’s first service.

Reporting All reports you need available from a single button click. This includes the ‘Unduplicated Reports’, Service Activity reports, Outcomes (NPI) reports, enrollment reports, Front Desk reports, Reports on Walk-ins, Needs Assessment Reports, Surveys, fund expenditure reports, balance sheet reports, notices of payments, and payment pledges.

Reporting Easily export data (Payment Pledges, Notice of Payments) into your bookkeeping software. Access reports with a single click.

All reports allow queries to narrow down the selection to specific transactions behind any totals on your reports.

Convenience The web-based system allows you to access your system from anywhere, providing true mobility. Electronic signature capability allows case workers to make home visits for disabled clients. Uploading and storing client documents as part of the case file allows easy retrieval when necessary.