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Transportation Management

“A Suite of Products for Your Unique Needs”

Transportation Management

Transportation Manager –a suite of products combined to create a comprehensive, web-based information system for transportation providers. Each agency is able to select the modules that will best suit their needs. The system always includes functionalities for client registration, trip reservations and scheduling, dispatching, trip billing, menu-driven built-in reports, easy ad hoc report creation, vehicle and driver tracking, vehicle maintenance and maintenance reminders, driver training and training reminders, and more. Additional modules available are listed below. See customer testimonials.

Auto Calling

The night prior to a ride, the system sends an automated phone call to all scheduled clients, reducing no-shows and late cancellations. If the call is unanswered, the system will attempt to reach the passenger at set intervals. On the day of a scheduled ride, passengers will receive a call to alert them when the bus in en route.

Call Center

Using the benefits of the VTCLI grant, veterans have access to a single 800 number in their state. This number connects them to a central office that finds a service to provide transportation to their destination. The call center can book the ride and send it electronically to the transit agency that provides services in the area.

Cloud Optimization

This allows the system to optimize trips by assigning routes to the most logical vehicle. The algorithm is in the clouds. Optimization can be done for next or same-day routes in scheduled increments of time. Optionally apply rules to create real-world optimized solutions.

Smart Cards / Fare Cards

This feature benefits both the client and the transport services. Agencies create pre-paid smart cards. Cards are scanned when the client boards. Fares are deducted in real time. Issues in fare reconciliation are minimized. There are no transaction fees, so agencies do not need to coordinate with third-party banking or billing institutions. The agency is in full control of the funds.

Locate My Bus

This mobile app offers full control and convenience for passengers. Users are able to view details of their scheduled trips, find the exact location of their bus on a live map, and cancel rides when necessary. Parents with concerns about their child’s location are able to view the bus’s location and well as pick-up and drop-off times.

Regional Coordination

Using the concept of a live bulletin board, transit agencies are able to exchange information with partnering agencies. They may share resources, receive help when capacities are reached, and move passengers to other vehicles in areas where destinations overlap.

Tablet Integration

Drivers use a tablet to obtain electronic manifests, log pre-trip inspections, get their assigned routes, and send messages to dispatch staff. Fleet managers receive any exception notices, and dispatch is able to view pick-ups and drop-offs with a visual indicator.

One of Our Solutions at Work

RFID Takes a Ride With School Bus Fare System

South Dakota’s River Cities Public Transit is expanding its smart-card bus-fare solution that enables school children and other passengers to simply tap the card when they enter a bus, automatically deducting the fare from their prepaid balance.